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Plaistow Martial Arts

Learn how to protect yourself & your loved ones.
And get in great shape at the same time.

Birthday Parties

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As a parent, you'll love our birthday parties. After all, we have all the bases covered. You get to just sit back, enjoy your child having the time of his or her life, and chat with other parents.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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Discover the Plaistow Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program that's turning our city's men and women into insanely awesome grapplers. Amazing instructors. Great fitness & conditioning. Beginners welcome. Click now!

Kids Martial Arts

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It's the Plaistow kids martial arts program everyone's raving about. That's because we blend self-defense, fitness, and life skills into one heck of a fun experience for kids of all ages. Beginners welcome! Call today!


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Discover the amazing Japanese art of close combat. Judo is all about learning how to use your opponent’s own strength against them. It’s powerful. It’s efficient. And you can learn it right here!

Muay Thai

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It's fast. It's powerful. And it's one heck of an awesome workout. In short, that's what our Plaistow Muay Thai classes are all about. Click now to learn more and get started today!

About Our School

To a Plaistow resident ready for the most awesome martial arts program around,

My name is Rick Hawn, head instructor of Professional Martial Arts Academy. I wanted to take a second to tell you a bit about our school, and what you can expect when you walk through our doors for the first time. But just to warn you - when you come, prepare to be hooked. People fall in love with our programs from day 1, and I'm sure you will too. Here's a bit about why that happens...


Our expert martial arts staff is extremely, extremely, extremely dedicated to giving you the best possible experience you could ask for. They're there for every question you need answered... every boost of motivation when challenges arise... and to instill in you the wisdom that's been passed down through martial arts for thousands of years. Our instructors care. They're here for you 110%.

It's more than kicks and punches. On the surface, our Plaistow martial arts program might seem like learning how to defend yourself and your loved ones. In truth, martial arts is so much more. Through the effort, dedication, and practice you put into every class... ... every area of your life will see improvement. You'll gain focus, determination and confidence that will seep into everything you do. Whether it's at work, at home, or anywhere else - you'll be changed for life. Martial arts is just as much about work on who we are inside as it is about the individual techniques and skills. With our program, you'll reap the full benefit of this ancient wisdom.


And last but not least, we know how to have fun! After all, too much work is simply off-putting. When an activity is all serious focus and hard work, it's easy to burn out.

Every class is filled with smiles and laughter. You'll make friends, enjoy your time, and walk away happier than when you came. Anyways, I hope to see you soon. Feel free to explore our site, and learn more about each of our Plaistow martial arts programs. Then, call us when you're ready to get started. But don't wait too long! Our classes are limited in size, and I'd hate to see you miss out.

To your success,
Rick Hawn

Plaistow Martial Arts
(603) 974-2455

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  • Birthday Parties

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  • Judo

  • Muay Thai

Kids of all ages as well as their parents love these Plaistow kids martial arts classes. That’s because they focus beyond martial arts. Kids are taught self-discipline and respect as well as focus and confidence. The kids are better-behaved everywhere they go, their sense of respect improves and they perform better in school.

Our classes are result-focused and there are an array of fun activities and games for kids of all ages. Every age is perfectly catered for and the kids love these classes as they perfect their martial arts techniques and learn new ones.

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